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Jan 12, 2021

Remote Control Replacement Bose Freestyle System

Hello I have the Bose Freestyle speaker system the remote is working on & off, more off than on.  Only the TV is connected to the speakers.  I have changed the remote battery and turned the system on & off in an attempt to reset it.  I would like to keep the remote as small as possible.  I found these 3 remotes on the Bose web site.  Are any of the below listed remotes compatible?

  • Cinemate Universial remote 39.95 (big)
  • CineMate 1SR 49.95 (big)
  • CineMate Series II 14.95 (small)

Your thoughts and do you know of any other remotes that are compatible.

Thank you for your time & assistance,


Re: Remote Control Replacement Bose Freestyle System



Thanks for reaching out!


The Cinemate Universal Remote will be compatible with your system 😊 This is an IR remote so when this arrives you wont need to alter any settings in order to start using your new control.


If you have any further questions, do let us know! 



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