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Apr 10, 2020

Speakers do not connect on a Windows 10 notebook

I recently purchased a new HP Envy notebook.  Since I need good audio I hooked up my Bose 

Companion 20 multimedia speakers which were working on my Windows 7 PC.  When attached to my new Windows 10 computer, nothing and nothing I did would activate them.  I contacted Hewlett Packard regarding the issue and they claimed it was Bose not HP that had the problem.  I was looking around on the Bose page to see if I could talk to someone regarding my connection issue.  Again, nothing!  I stumbled across this page while doing a search regarding the Bose inability to connect.  Just for the record, I attached the aforementioned speakers to another PC running Windows 7 and they work just fine, so what can I do to get these speakers to work on my Windows 10 notebook?  Bose tried to sell me a replacement as my speakers are out of warranty.  They may be out of warranty, but they still work, just not on my Windows 10 computer.  I don't need to replace the speakers, I just need help in getting them to work on a Windows 10.