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Oct 9, 2020

Unable to pair Soundbar 700 remote with Samsung TV

Greetings all, 

I bought an Soundbar 500 complete set and also bought an Soundbar 700 universal remote; with the help of Bose app I paired my sound system with remote but I’m unable to pair my Samsung 75NU8000 smart tv with remote; kindly someone suggest how to solve this issue 

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Re: Unable to pair Soundbar 700 remote with Samsung TV

Hi Frankflirts, thanks for posting and welcome to the Bose Community forums. Great to hear of your recent purchases.


Can you tell us a little more about the exact issues that you're experiencing at present with setting up the remote? The more detail that you can provide, the better. Are there any particular error messages that you receive, or a particular stage in the setup process that you reach before experiencing issues? 


As a reference, we do have a quick-start guide available on our support site HERE that goes through the process of connecting and programming the Universal Remote. 

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