Will the S1 pro sound good with a tv?

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Will the S1 pro sound good with a tv?

I'm looking for a portable speaker with good sound and multi functionality. The S1 pro can be used with instruments, Bluetooth, aux, and also is portable. But can I use it as a speaker for my tv? Will that sound good? Also I am only looking to buy 1 S1 pro. How does that compare to the solo sound bars?
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Re: Will the S1 pro sound good with a tv?



I'm sure the sound wouldnt be anything short of great, but thats not a very elegant solution for TV sound as it only has XLR, 3.5mm and Bluetooth inputs.


Try the Soundtouch 300 HERE. It's not "portable" but the sound is going to be much more gratifying for movies/TV and games.


I have the 300 and its a gorgeous streamlined solution for psudo-surround sound utilizing those nifty phaseguide speakers. Although I havent needed to yet, it allows you to add an additional Subwoofer and rear channels if you expand your space. It also has Soundtouch and Bluetooth built-in along with its optical audio and HDMI ARC inputs!


I hope this helps!