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sonos to bose series 6 901 connect to equalizer


Bose product name 901 series 6 speakers. Wondering best way, if any, to hook up my 901 with equalizer to a sonos amp/ preamp?




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Re: sonos to bose series 6 901 connect to equalizer

Hey there, 


Thanks for reaching out and welcome to the forums. 


Bose 901 Series VI speakers and Series VI active equalizer work with your stereo components to produce a superb music system. The active equalizer is an integral part of the system and may be connected in a variety of ways, depending on the components you have. The two most common methods are described in this guide. Using different components may require different connection methods. More information is available by calling Bose Corporation. Ask for the free booklet, Guide to Optional System Connections for Bose 901 Direct/Reflecting Speaker Systems, part number 149393.


Your 901 speakers are designed to work compatibly with receivers or amplifiers rated from 10 to 450 watts per channel. In this guide, the term receiver is used to refer to an integrated preamplifier and power amplifier (which may also contain an AM/FM tuner). The term amplifier is used to describe configurations involving separate preamplifier and amplifier components.


Most receivers have a TAPE MONITOR connection. The 901 active equalizer is most commonly connected to the tape monitor connections on the receiver. If you plan to connect a tape recorder, use the set of inputs and outputs located on the back of the 901 active equalizer marked TAPE RECORDER CONNECTIONS.


If you have recently purchased a home theatre receiver, you may be considering using your 901 speakers for the front channels. Your home theatre receiver must have accessible PRE AMP OUT/MAIN AMP IN connections for the front channels if you are to use your 901 speakers in this way. These may also be called the ADAPTER or SIGNAL PROCESSOR connections.


Follow these steps, in the order below, to install your 901 Series VI speaker system.

  1. Choose the best locations and support for the 901 speakers (page 6).
  2. Connect the speakers to the amplifier or receiver (page 8).
  3. Connect the 901 active equalizer to the amplifier or receiver using either the TAPE MONITOR or PRE AMP OUT/MAIN AMP IN connections (page 9).
  4. Test the system to see that the audio signal is correctly processed by the active equalizer (page 12).
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