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Dec 10, 2017

soundtouch wireless link

Since the latest automatic update for the soundtouch wireless link, Pandora and other streaming music apps have been removed.

Please tell me they are still available, or there is a work around.


Re: soundtouch wireless link

Hi dcurtis,


Welcome to the Community, thanks for posting!


Can you please let me know which country you are in? Which streaming services are available in the SoundTouch app can depend on location so it would be useful to know this! That being said, there were no changes in the latest app or speaker updates that would stop you from being able to access these services if you were able to access them before.


Did you have your Pandora, or other streaming service account linked to your SoundTouch account before? It would be worth checking to make sure they are still connected. You can do this in the SoundTouch app by following the steps to add a service. If there is an account added already it will tell you during this process, if the account isn't added, you can do so to get it re-added.


I look forward to hearing back from you!

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