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Nov 12, 2015

Check out ANON on Netflix

I watched ANON on Netflix last night. Very intriguing. The who dunnit movie hightlights a world where Augmented and Virtual Reality is deployed extensivley in modern society. The were very interesting visuals, including facial and object recognition with information scrolling in realtime by the viewer. The characters can pass data files to each other with a mental request and reply. The crimes reminded me of Minority Report. The term "Precog" was slipped into the dialogue, just briefly.


I expecially liked the scrolling information about the "Replica Toranado" police cars and the scene where you are taken through the antihero's "anologue" apartment. Bose 901 speakers and an Eames chair were a couple pieces I picked out in the apartment scene. You have to pay attention during this movie, much care has been taken in the details around the many AR/VR segments.


A fun stylish scifi/tech movie, I thought it looked and sounded great.