TV and dual soundtouch 10

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TV and dual soundtouch 10

I have 2 Soundtouch 10 speakers. When I connect 1 with my tv through a cable the sound is fine. It is even better when I add the second speaker, but... then the sound is delayed by a few seconds (probably because the speakers are buffering data).

I know, ideally I would have a soundbar connected to my tv. But given what I have got, does anyone have a suggestion to solve my synchronisation problem?

Re: TV and dual soundtouch 10

Hi HansL,


Thank you for the post, and welcome to the community!


This is expected behaviour with rebroadcasting via SoundTouch.  There will be a delay of a few seconds due to syncing the two devices.


Let us know if you have any other questions!


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Brandon - Community Support

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Re: TV and dual soundtouch 10

Hi Brandon,

Though my definition of “expected behaviour” is different from yours, I get the message that the problem cannot be solved. So be it.

Many thanks for your time and attention. Much appreciated!