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Jun 27, 2020

Acoustic Wave Original

Hi - I have an Acoustic Wave original with the CD changer, all of which worked perfectly till last week.


I have a logitech bluetooth adapter plugged into AUX1 socket so I can stream from my iphone and as far as I noticed for the last year since I attached it, worked fine.


However, last week a friend pointed out to me that sound was coming out of one speaker only when streaming. I think this is a new phenomenon as I wasn’t aware before.


System plays fine through both speakers from CD or Radio - just the streaming that has the issue via AUX1. Tried via AUX2 but there’s a loud buzz through that.


Iphone is not set to mono and both speakers in iphone are working fine.


Any ideas?



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Dec 4, 2016

Re: Acoustic Wave Original

My only thought is:  What cable are you using to plug into AUX1?


It should be an RCA (two cables, red and white).  If only one of those cables are plugged in you'll only get sound from one speaker.  If they are plugged in correctly, try a new cable.