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Jun 23, 2021

Amber light on but display doesn't show set up

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Wave Soundtouch IV 



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Moved to New home 

Trying to connect to new wifi network

Solid Amber light but SETUP does not appear on screen


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Worked in previous home


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Unplugged AC and Bose link connector




Re: Amber light on but display doesn't show set up

Hello Gryffin and welcome to the Community! 

Sorry to hear that you are having setup issues with your Wave system. I'll be happy to help get this resolved! 

I would recommend ensuring that the setup mode is correctly engaged, You can do this via the following steps: 

  1. Press and hold the Control button on the back of the pedestal for about 3 seconds
  2. Wait until the Wi-Fi light glows solid amber and the system display shows SETUP SEE INSTRUCTIONS, then release the button
    Tip: Holding the button for 10 seconds will reboot the pedestal. So, if the light does not glow amber within a few seconds, release it and try again

Once you see this, you will be able to add the system to the Soundtouch app and connect to the new network. 

However, if this doesn't work correctly. You can fully reset the speaker in order to refresh the software and enable to set up the speaker from scratch. 
You can follow the step by step instructions on resetting on our support website here. Please ensure that you follow the "restore factory settings" steps and specifically the steps for the Wave Soundtouch IV pedestal.  

I look forward to hearing from you! 

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