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Nov 22, 2020

Before I buy this one

Hi everyone! I want to buy a wave unit and multi disc player as a gift for someone but I don’t want to buy an ancient unit. I know the serial number is [removed by moderator]. Can anyone tell me about it? Which generation it is? I’ve tried searching but I haven’t found how to find it on my own. And if it’s in excellent condition is it worth $280 -/+ for the wave, multi disc unit and remote? Thanks so much!




Re: Before I buy this one



Thanks for reaching out!


This system is our Wave Music System by the serial number you have provided us, which this products date of manufacture was Jul 2007. Bose made this version of the Wave between 2004 - 2012. 


You can find the user manual attached to this post. 


If you have any further questions, do let us know. 

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