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Jul 10, 2019

Bose Tech Support

I have 2 Wave Radios,  1 of which the FM radio never worked on. I contacted Bose customer service a few weeks ago and told them the ssue I was having. I was instructed to send it in and for $65 they would fix it and send it back to me. Great news, I was excited about this so that I could start listening to the radio in my garage. Keep in mind that I was currently listening to CD's in my garage. Sent the unit in and a couple weeks later got a email that my Wave Radio was unrepairable and that I could purchase a new unit at a 30% discount. I'm not interested in a new one,  just send my old one back and I'll be in the same situation as before, no FM radio. After a few more phone calls and emails I am informed that my Wave radio has been discarded due to insect infestation and that I can still purchase a new unit at a discount. I am assuming that dirt dobbers had gotten into the unit. Why would you throw my radio away?? I am baffled by this. 


Re: Bose Tech Support

Hello rbnwa,


Thank you very much for your message today, I am very sorry to hear that you have had this experience. 


Unfortunately the Bose Community is not a place which we will be able to provide support for these circumstances as the Community is a forum for troubleshooting, product queries and open discussion. We are unable to facilitate any service options nor can we look into the status of these.


I will be more than happy to log your feedback regarding this issue, however I am unable to look into this case further. If you wish for further support regarding what has happened please get in contact with your regions Bose Product Support team. Please follow this link, select your region and scroll down to "Contact Us". There you will find the appropriate contact information.


I apologise that we could not do more for you via the Community at this time. 


Tegan M - Community Support