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Jul 9, 2020

Bose Videowave



I’m having an issue with my videowave TV. 


When I turn the system in, the control box green light comes on solid as it should but the monitor green light is flashing with no picture appearing on the screen. 

I have powered the system down, disconnected from the mains for 3 hours, reconnected and have the same issue. 

I have checked all cable connections and found no issues. 

Any suggestions/solutions?


Many Thanks




Re: Bose Videowave

Hi Davymac, 


Thanks for posting, welcome to the Community. 


I'm sorry to hear you're having issues with your VideoWave. 


It sounds like you have tried all of the troubleshooting we would generally recommend. The next step would be to get in touch with support in your region to discuss your options for service. Details can be found here.


All the best, 



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