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Aug 8, 2019

Bose Wave III Bluetooth Pairing when acquiring a new computer

After purchasing a new computer, the Bose Wave III Bluetooth Adapter was not recognizable/discoverable by the new computer. 


  1. Bose - Powerdown/Power off the Bose
  2. Bose - Disconnect the Bluetooth adapter from the Bose
  3. Computer - Make sure that Bluetooth is on and open with Device Options visible and displayed on the computer
  4. Bose - Power up the Bose
  5. Bose - Connect the Bluetooth adapter
  6. Bose - Press the AUX button on the Bose remote - you will probably see 'connecing' displayed - yet regardless - Do Step 7
  7. Bose - Press and Hold the Pre-set Button 5 on the Bose remote for 5 seconds - until you see "Discoverable" appear on the Bose screen
  8. Computer - When Bose Adapter appears on the list of devices for pairing select Bose Adapter - the pairing takes a few seconds