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Re: Bose Wave Radio CD player - does not play cds

Hi Sgcl,


Welcome to the Community Forums. I'm sorry to hear that you're experiencing issues with your Wave Radio CD player. To confirm, are there any on-screen messages after powering on the system? Do any of the buttons on your remote successfully control the speaker? If so, I recommend attempting to perform a factory reset on the system. This can be done by:


  1. On the remote, press and hold the Alarm Time button until -SETUP MENU- appears in the display
  2. Press the Tune > button repeatedly until RESET ALL appears on the display
  3. Press the Time + button to change the N to Y. PRESS 2 TO CONFIRM will scroll across the display twice
  4. Press the Preset 2 button while the message is scrolling. RESET COMPLETE will appear in the display and the system will reset


Should the remote not currently be operational, is the system located in direct sunlight that could stop the speaker from receiving the IR commands from the remote? You can wipe the front of the system's display with a clean, dry cloth as the remote may not work if the IR receiver on the front of the system is obstructed. Does a green light appear on the display panel's bottom-right when a button on the remote is pressed to reflect a command being received from the remote? If not, try replacing the batteries for the remote. You can test the output for the remote's IR emitter by using a front-facing camera on a mobile phone or tablet, by aiming the remote at the camera and pressing a button. You should see a flash of light on the image from the camera. 


If the issue is isolated to the inability to pull in discs, I would encourage you to reach back out to support in your region to explore the available service options for your system.



Andy B

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Apr 13, 2019

Re: Bose Wave Radio CD player - does not play cds


I have tried all what you have suggested.  Is there some internal battery that needs replacing?  The Wave Music System is about 15 years old so maybe the battery has gone flat.

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Aug 27, 2019

Re: Bose Wave Radio CD player - does not play cds

I have been on hold for service for 24 minutes and 17 seconds and gave up.  Richard Nadeau [Removed by Moderator]


Re: Bose Wave Radio CD player - does not play cds

Hello Richard


Thank you for messaging the community. 


I am very sorry that you are having issues with getting in touch with our support line. We would love to do what we can to assist you. 


I am afraid we can not organise any outbound calls via the community. Please let us know what product you own and describe the issue in which you are experiencing, we'd love to get this resolved. 


I look forward to hearing from you. 


Tegan M