Bose Wave Radio - Crackling/Popping when using AUX

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Bose Wave Radio - Crackling/Popping when using AUX

Hi all,

I have a first generation Bose Wave Radio. It's in great shape, but for some reason when I use the aux connection i get a rhythmic popping sound from the speakers in addition to my audio. Sometimes it's loud enough to obscure the audio entirely, other times quieter, and occassionally it doesn't happen at all.

I have tried different AUX cords. I have tried different input devices. I have made sure the cords are properly plugged in. Any thoughts on what could be causing this and a possible repair?

Re: Bose Wave Radio - Crackling/Popping when using AUX

Hey Joeyjoejoe,


Thank you for posting to the community. We're sorry to hear about the trouble you're having with your radio. We appreciate the troubleshooting you've already done. Let's try resetting the radio to see if that helps.  


Please follow these steps to perform a reset:


  1. Turn the radio off
  2. Unplug the power cord from the power outlet
  3. Remove the three batteries located in the bottom of the radio
  4. Wait one minute
  5. Reconnect the power cord
  6. Test the radio. If the radio operates properly, replace the batteries with new ones


If you're still experiencing this issue, we recommend that you contact your local Bose Support for further assistance. They will work with you to discuss your available service options. Contact information can be found here. 


Let us know how everything works out for you when you get a chance. 



Thank you again and take care. 



Mohsin - Community Support


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Re: Bose Wave Radio - Crackling/Popping when using AUX

Thanks for the reply.  I do not have any batteries in the radio.  I tried unplugging, waiting, plugging back in - it did not fix the issue.


Re: Bose Wave Radio - Crackling/Popping when using AUX

Hi Joeyjoejoe,


Thanks for the update!


  • Does the crackling noise happen on any other source like the CD or AM/FM radio?
  • Sometimes the jack can get "dirty".  Can we try and insert/unplug the AUX cable a few times to see if this helps?
  • If this issue still remains with the AUX connection, I'd recommend contacting support for service.  Just click HERE and select your country and Contact Us at the bottom.


Warm Regards,

Tony A