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May 30, 2021

Bose Wave Soundwave ap SiriusXM disappeared

I’ve been enjoying my SiriusXM through my Bose Wave radio for the last week.  Now the soundtrack ap doesn’t have the SiriusXM option, however, I am still listening to SiriusXM through the Bose Wave radio, I just clicked on last played.  The issue is without the SiriusXM option on the soundtrack ap, I cannot change stations on SiriusXM.  Help?




Re: Bose Wave Soundwave ap SiriusXM disappeared

Hello Laidebug and welcome to the Community! 

I would love to help out with some troubleshooting, I would firstly recommend to remove and re-add SiriusXM. You can remove the service via the steps here.
Once removed you just need to open the Menu again and select "Add service" then follow the steps. 

If you have tried that, then I'd recommend checking out some of the troubleshooting suggestions from this article on our support website.

Looking forward to hear from you! 

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