Bose Wave radio; sports ear phones

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Bose Wave radio; sports ear phones

This is simply to let you know that our Wave radio that we have had over 34 years is still going strong. Great workmanship. 

The sports ear phones I purchased 5 years ago have stopped working. Rather an impressive run as well when one considers that they went through a wash cycle 4 months ago and continued to work afterwards. 

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Re: Bose Wave radio; sports ear phones

Hello passalong,


Thank you so much for taking the time to post, and welcome to the Bose Community forums.


We're delighted to hear that your Wave Radio is still going strong after all these years! However, I am sorry to hear that you are now experiencing issues with your earphones. We'd be glad to offer you some troubleshooting suggestions - what model of headphones do you have, and what issues are you currently experiencing?


Should there be any physical damage to the headphones, you may require to explore service options for the headphones. Although it sounds like they may now be outside of their warranty coverage period, we may still have some appropriate service options available to you. I invite you to reach out to support directly in your region via our Global website HERE, select your location and use the "Contact Us" feature at the bottom of the page should there be any physical hardware damage to the headphones.


We can't wait to hear back from you.



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Re: Bose Wave radio; sports ear phones

Hello Andy,

Unfortunately repair is not an option for the sports ear buds. On a good note, the Wave radio is still going strong after 30+ years.