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Oct 14, 2020

CD-3000 Bose Acoustic Wave system remote issues

We recently purchase a Bose Acoustic wave system with CD and unfortunately the remote that came with it doesn't work.  We purchased another remote, looked exactly the same from a seller on Ebay.  That remote doesn't work either.  Wayne needs a remote as he plays drums and studies via a CD playing from the beginning.  Why don't the remotes work?  Is it something in the system or ????  Please help.  Thanks, ***Text here removed by Moderator***


Re: CD-3000 Bose Acoustic Wave system remote issues

Hi jbormes,


Sorry to hear you've had some trouble with your Wave remote. Is this the first time you're using the system and have you ever been able to control the system using a remote?


The IR sensor is placed on the front of the system, so be sure nothing is blocking this. Have you yet been able to turn the system on? If not, have you checked all power cabling is securely connected, and have you tried connecting to a different power outlet?

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