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Apr 29, 2020

Connect Wave IV to WiFi

Originally had WiFi connection to my Wave Sound-Touch IV, but no longer. To re-establish the connection, I connected my laptop to Wave pedestal, as instructed in the app. Result: "cannot find speaker." I've unplugged the unit from the wall then re-plugged again. Have restarted the WiFi box. Still not able to make connection. Also wonder why connection was lost. Will a break in power require a new installation? Any help will be appreciated. Otherwise, Wave is excellent.  Also noticed it is listed in my Amazon Alexa but is not showing as connected.


Re: Connect Wave IV to WiFi

Hey @JerryAlex,


Sorry to hear that's happened. If you're referring to the fact you've had a power cut, that may have caused the system to disconnect.


However, it seems we'll need to likely reset the system and walk through setup mode once again. To reset, disconnect the system for power for two minutes.


Then, follow the steps listed HERE, to walk through the setup. This will help you get things all connected to the app.


Let me know how you get on!

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