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Nov 6, 2019

Connecting Echo to my Wave System

Hi, I recently received a Bose Wave System iV as a gift and I love it! I am using it as my sound speaker for our television. Makes watching movies SO much better! My question is, can I add Alexa to the system even tho it is connected via AUX cable to my television?


Re: Connecting Echo to my Wave System

Hello Demma, 


Welcome to the community! We're glad to hear that you are enjoying your new Bose Wave Music System IV. 


If you have a SoundTouch Pedestal IV connected to your Bose Wave Music System IV you can use the SoundTouch app to link your Amazon Alexa account. You can find more about the Bose Skill for Amazon Alexa and how to set this up within this link. 


If you do not have SoundTouch for your Bose Wave Music System IV, the best solution is to use an AUX connection between the Echo and your speaker. I know this is not ideal for you but if you decide to do this you will also need to disable your system from turning off automatically. Auto-off is enabled by default, which powers off your system automatically if it is not used for 20 minutes. If your system is not used but audio is playing, it turns off after 24 hours regardless of the Auto-off setting. The timer is reset when a button is pressed on the remote control.


To set Auto-off:

  • On the remote control, press and hold Alarm Setup (Menu) until -SETUP MENU- appears on the system
  • Press the Tune/MP3 > button repeatedly until -AUTO OFF- appears
  • Press the Time + or – buttons to select YES or NO
  • Press the Alarm Setup (Menu) button or wait 10 seconds to exit menu


From having a Bluetooth connection, although this is possible between your Echo and Wave System,  the two devices will disconnect once the other goes into sleep mode and will not be as reliable for you in comparison to an AUX connection. 


Please let us know if you have any further questions. 


Kind regards, 

Tegan M - Community Support 

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