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Apr 19, 2020

Does the Bose Wave Radio III have a line level Line Out from the Bose Link port?

Hi all. I use my Bose Wave Radio III mainly as a standalone speaker.  However it is close enough to my amp so I can hook it up to large speakers when required.  


The problem is I use the Headphones out jack on the Wave Radio with RCA cable ends going into my amp.   This mutes the Wave Radio when connected.  And I always have to disconnect the cable if I want to switch back to the wave radio alone.


I've read there is a Bose Cable Which can be connected to the 9 Pin Boselink and it's provides a line level RCA out put without blocking the headphones out jack.  The part is 

Bose Link RCA to 9-Pin DIN Adapter Cable 285320-0207


Have any of you tried this or can co firm the Wave Radio III supports this? Thanks in advance.  It would really help!