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Sep 12, 2020

I cant add Wave Sountouch IV to my account

Something Happened and we couldn't add the speaker to your SoundTouch account. Please try again later. This is the error message when i try to add SoundTouch IV to my account.  I followed the instructions here and upgraded the firmware yet, i get the same error.


Please help.


Re: I cant add Wave Sountouch IV to my account

Hi Raskegh,


Welcome to the community, sorry to hear that you're currently unable to connect your Wave to the SoundTouch app. 


Updating the firmware was a great initial step, have you tried any other troubleshooting? If so, do let us know so we do not re-advise you. 


If you haven't tried already, please reboot your router. This can be done by disconnecting from power for 30 seconds then re-connecting. 


I would also suggest in removing and re-adding the SoundTouch application on your device. 


Let us know how you get on.

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