Poor FM reception on Bose Wave


Poor FM reception on Bose Wave



I have BOSE WAVE /probably 6-7 years old. Never listened to the radio and used only to listen to CDs. Like the sound and compactivity of this device.

Since recently my BOSE WAVE - CD player broke I wanted to listen to FM radio. Realised only that I have so bad FM connection like I am 100 miles from any decent radio station antena, and that is not case as I am in the middle of the city with many FM stations. Then I look and see that there is no FM antena so I bought one (BOSE FM antena). Hooked it up. Nothing changed. Also, I found out that I can switch only between odd but not even decimal frequency.. Isnt that absurd? Cant find a way to fix none of above problems. Desperate and sad. 

Anyone can help me?



Re: Poor FM reception on Bose Wave

Hi mirza.smailhodzic@gmail.com


Thanks for reaching out to us in the Community!  I'm sorry to hear you're experiencing these issues, but I'd be glad to help!


I have a few questions to help narrow down where the issue is:


  • Could you let us know where you are located?
  • Is this being used in an apartment complex?
  • Was the FM antenna from Bose or a third party?
  • Is the power cord coiled up or free flowing to the outlet?


Let us know so we can further assist!


Warm Regards,

Tony A - Community Support