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Nov 21, 2020

Power Cord AW-1 compatible


I found some cassette tapes from high school and would like to hear what's on them. I dug out my old wave stereo but can't find the power cord. It's model aw-1. Any idea what power cord would fit?

Thanks in advance


Bose product name

Acoustic wave stereo



Model AW-1




Re: Power Cord AW-1 compatible

Hi bigmo24,


Thanks for posting and welcome to the Community! 


With the Acoustic Wave Music system, the power cord does come in two parts, a power pack, and a cord. Do you need both of these parts or just one? The best place to start when looking for replacement parts for your system is always reaching out to your local support team as they will be able to help order any parts they have in stock. As you are in the US you can find your local team HERE


If they don't have any available, as it is an older system, you may be able to find 2nd hand or 3rd party replacements for the power cord. I wouldn't be able to guarantee how well these would work, however.


I did also have a quick look on the US site to see if I could find the right power cord, interestingly we do still have a listing for THIS travel version that plugs into your car but not one for an outlet for some reason!


I hope this helps!

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