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Aug 20, 2019

Reception problem

I have a Bose Wave Radio lll. I have static in both my AM and FM reception. I consulted Bose regarding the AM reception. The representative for Bose suggested a Terk Advantage antenna. I purchased one and it didn't clear up the problem. I purchased an OEM Bose FM external antenna. It didn't clear up the FM reception. I had a Terk Tower antenna that I was using on another radio so I attached it to my Bose radio. It did not improve the reception. However, when I held the antenna (and became an extention for the Terk), the FM static cleared up entirely ( as one would assume). I am out of ideas.


I live in the valley of a hilly area about 25 miles from the nearest FM tower and don't have a direct line-of-sight. However, holding the terk antenna convinces me that clear reception is feasable. Has anybody solved this problem without drilling in to the roof or soffit and running coaxial cable to the radio? If so, please respond. This caliber of radio warrants static-free reception, particularly the FM signal.