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Jun 17, 2019

Wave IV as part of a surround sound setup?

Are there external speakers that can be used with the Wave IV that will create a home theater surround sound system? If so, what kind?

Re: Wave IV as part of a surround sound setup?

Hello PinotLover,


Thank you for your post and welcome to the Bose Community. 


That's a great question. There are not speakers that you can add to create a home theater surround system as such. However, there are options to expand your system across your home. 


Do you have the Wave Radio IV or the SoundTouch Wave Music System IV?


With the SoundTouch system, it is possible to add our other SoundTouch speakers to play audio through your home simultaneously. This can be done by grouping your speakers within the SoundTouch app.

Here are the SoundTouch speakers you can choose from:

Alternatively, we have the SoundTouch Wireless Link adapter which allows you to integrate our SoundTouch platform with most stereo systems, home theater systems and docking speakers.


There are also many other benefits to using SoundTouch, on top of being able to group your speakers together, you can stream music wirelessly from your favorite music services like Spotify and Deezer plus internet radio stations through TuneIn, and your stored music library. This works by connecting through your home Wi-Fi network to the speakers. 


If you would like any further help with this, or have any questions at all, please do not hesitate to reach back to me and I will be more than happy to help.


Warm regards,

Charlotte G - Community Support