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Jan 6, 2021

Wave IV power

So calling was unsuccessful and being lied to doesn’t help. 
Since 1996 I have owned 6 Bose products, and never have I had a system that is only 110Volts. I recently purchased two Wave IV systems that arrived today and are 110V volts. I called to verify and asked to send them back and have dual voltage, or 220V sent to military postal address and was informed that BOSE doesn’t make the Wave IV in 220V. After hanging up I searched on line and they do. A lifestyle 25 from 1996 is dual voltage, but a Wave IV in production last year doesn’t support it. Does anyone else have one? I don’t want to use a power converter, I will buy another competing product if I have to. 


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Dec 4, 2016

Re: Wave IV power

I'm not 100%, but I think the Wave is one of the few Bose products that is very localised.  For example the Digital radio used in the UK is different to the digital radio used in the US which is different to the one used in Australia.  So even the 240V one for the UK is a different model to the Australian one.  And while it can be used there you won't get full use out of it and therefore stores there can't sell it.  Whereas the Lifestyle 25 got sold worldwide (as one unit) so was dual voltage


Now I'm assuming being military it has been ordered through the US, where they probably don't stock the 240v unit.  You would most likely have to order locally.