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May 18, 2020

Wave Music System III Pedestal (Wifi) Firmware Issues?

ALmost 2 years ago @eliransapir posted about issues with pedestal firmware which included:

  1. When system is discovered in soundtouch app it is discovered as SA-4
  2. Volume control does not work
  3. Switching from Spotify or any other soundtouch music source to airplay freezes system
  4. Switching from Airplay to any soundtouch music source freezes system
  5. Switching from Soundtouch to any other local source CD/Radio requires a reboot to get system to respond to soundtouch commands 
  6. Song names do not show up on screen - system will only show Boselink on screen when playing via spotify/pandora or airplay.
  7. When clicking the Soundtouch/AUX button on remote the system will show "Soundtouch" on screen but no soundtouch commands can be sent to the system nor can any song be played in this mode. In order to use soundtouch system needs to be off /standby at which point it will turn on and switch to Boselink mode. 

I recently purchased a used pedestal model 412534 and experienced the exact same issues.  Over the phone I worked with Bose Tech Rep Victor in the UK and determined that the unit would not factory reset nor would it completely install the latest firmware update. We decided to return it for servicing at Bose at my expense and I have just sent it off.


After reading in the archives about so many similar issues with no solution that I can find I am a little leery about what I am going to get after factory servicing.


So my question is has the root cause of these issues ever be found and is there an actual fix? Anybody?