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Feb 20, 2021

Wave Music System IV - suddenly, low volume on everything

New to the board. I looked in the different categories but couldn't find a true answer to this.

My Wave Music System IV was putting out a decent level at around +5. Suddenly the whole unit got really quiet, and I'll need to turn it up to 40 or so to get the same levels. I have tried resetting the system to factory standards. Nothing works. Volume is low across all modes: radio, CD, etc. A pedestal is attached too.

Any fixes? Thanks in advance.


Re: Wave Music System IV - suddenly, low volume on everything

Hello Ducksoup69, 


Thanks for posting. 


Sorry to hear you're having issues with low volume, that's unusual. What's concerning that this seems to not be source-specific.


In terms of troubleshooting, have you tried disconnecting the system from power for a few minutes, then plugged it back in? This engages a reset when it's plugged back in and generally clears out any potential software glitches/bugs that are present.


Where is the system stored? Are the speaker grills damaged/dusty/covered in debris? Has the system been exposed to moisture? 


What volume is it generally used at? 





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