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May 30, 2020

Wave Radio distortion above 50% volume.

I have an early Wave Radio (thin remote, AA batteries for backup).


I get low frequency distortion above about 50% volume.


If I use the phono variable out to connect to my hifi (which cuts the internal speakers) there is no distortion on the external system speakers.


It affects both speakers so I think it is more likely to be an amplifier problem than the internal speaker units.


I cannot see any ‘blown’ electrolytic capacitors (ie bulging tops), which is a common problem in ageing consumer electronics.  Of course they could still be the problem but I would need to remove each one and test and there are rather a lot of them.


Any advice on this fault, are there some particular components I should change such as a few particular capacitors.  For instance did some weak points in the design come to light some years after manufacture that have just manifested on my radio?


I know this is a very old radio but it hasn’t failed outright and I hate scrapping 99% working electronics.


Any ideas would be appreciated.

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Re: Wave Radio distortion above 50% volume.

Hey Phil,


Happy to hear that your Wave Radio has served you well over the years! Sorry to hear about the audio issues that you're experiencing over certain volume levels. 


As you are using the audio output port on the speaker, it certainly sounds like there is a hardware fault with the unit. To note - we do not encourage nor recommend disassembling or servicing your own Bose systems. Should your system require service, please instead contact local Bose support in your region directly for assistance. Even for our older systems, we still typically have available service options. Click HERE, select your region, and use the "Contact us" button at the bottom of the page.

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