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Jan 7, 2020

Wave SoundTouch IV

The system is connecting to my Bluetooth, it plays music on Spotify and Apple Music via my iPhone, but the SoundTouch app does not connect anymore since I changed my router 


Re: Wave SoundTouch IV

Hi sue kamari,


I'm sorry to hear you are having trouble using the SoundTouch app with your Wave and I would be happy to help with this.


As this problem started when the router was changed, has the Wi-Fi login information on the speaker been updated for your new router?


If this has not been done already, it will need to be connected to the new Wi-Fi network in order to be used with the SoundTouch app. To connect to your new network, what you would need to do is: 

  • On the back of the SoundTouch pedestal, press and hold the control button for about 10 seconds. When setup mode is entered, the Wi-Fi indicator will glow solid amber and the display will show SETUP SEE INSTRUCTIONS
  • On the SoundTouch app open the menu and select Settings > Add or Reconnect Speaker > Wi-Fi 
  • Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the setup.

Once complete the Wi-Fi indicator should turn to a solid white and the speaker should be available in the app.


If this has already been done and the wi-fi light shows solid white already, but the speaker can not be found in the SoundTouch app, it is likely that the new router may have some settings that need to be looked at. There are some settings that appear as default on certain routers that can cause communication issues on the Wi-Fi network.


I would, however, recommend running through connecting the speaker to the Wi-Fi network again first though, just to make sure it has been set up correctly with your new network. 


Let me know how you get on.


Kind Regards,


Keith L - Community Support