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Jul 25, 2019

Wave system displays “Please Wait” after power outage

I have an AWRCC1 Bose Wave system.  I had an Amazon Echo Dot plugged into the Aux port.  We had a power outage during a storm.  After the power came back on.  The time is displayed on the Wave, but I can’t select FM/AM, CD, or AUX.  every time I push a button on the remote, I get a “Please Wait”.  I’m able to change the time, change the volume (nothing plays however).  I’ve changed the battery in the remote, I’ve left the unit completely unplugged from the Dot and from AC power for 3 days.  My unit doesn’t have a 9Volt battery in the bottom so there must be a capacitor that keeps track of the time etc. after a power outage.   I even went into the setup menu and did a reset.  Still no luck.  I would love some help.


Re: Wave system displays “Please Wait” after power outage

Hello FreiGuy, 

Welcome to the Bose Community, thanks for taking the time to post. 

I am very sorry to hear you are having issues with your Wave Music System after a recent power outage. 


Please check to see if there is anything connected to the BoseLink port on the back of the Wave. If there is, please disconnect it.


If this fails to resolve the issue, please reach out to support in your country to discuss service. 


For anyone else in the community, if you are having similar issues, please try the same and feel free to discuss. 

Kind regards,

Jeff G - Community Support

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Nov 18, 2019

Re: Wave system displays “Please Wait” after power outage

Don't know if you've gotten it fixed yet, but I just had the same issue last week. After about 2 hours on the thread last night, I broke down and called the 'service center' today. Kind of hard to communicate, since she is in the Philippines, but basically unless you can work on it yourself, you've gotta send it in, and they'll fix and send back. After a 50% discount, it's costing me 63.00. And they put another years warranty on it. From all the posts I've read, this is pretty common at 10 yrs, guess better to spend the 63 vs buying a whole new radio. Mine is packed and ready to send tomorrow. Do NOT send cord or remote..and they pay postage. Everyone that's sent said they got back rather quickly, so I'm crossing my fingers!!! I'm kinda lost without mine! Good luck