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Nov 23, 2020

Which replacement remote control for Wave Music System

I've inherited two Wave Music Systems from a family member and during the course of their move both remote controls were lost.  How do I determine the correct replacement remote control?  Aside from serial numbers there does not appear to be any other distinguishing markings to tell what revision the system is.  Both base units have a CD slot and one came with an additional multi-disc player.


Also, is there an additional remote for the multi-disc player?


Re: Which replacement remote control for Wave Music System



Thanks for reaching out!


If you contact your local Bose product support team, our agents can take your products serial numbers and provide you with the most accurate information as well as setting up a replacement remote order for you.


You can reach out to your local support team by clicking this link and selecting your region. This will redirect you to our website. Please scroll to the bottom of the website and there you will find a 'Contact Us' tab, this will provide you with all the relevant contact information for your country. 


Do note, if you are contacting through Facebook or Twitter, our agents cannot process any payment transactions or out of warranty services.


Thank you.

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