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Apr 22, 2020

connecting a blue tooth adaptor to my bose wave iv

I bought an esinkin bluetooth audio adaptor to hook up to my wave iv, so that I can use wireless headphones,


In the trail of support, it says to,


For the Wave® Radio III, IV and Wave® Music System III, IV: Using your Wave® system remote control, press until BLUETOOTH appears on the Wave® system display. Press and hold down the Presets 5 button for five seconds. On your Samsung S9's Bluetooth list you should then see "Bose Adapter". 


Using the remote, press what button?? I then assume I need to use my cell phone with an added app to connect? I need really clear instructions please...not very user friendly 🙂



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Re: connecting a blue tooth adaptor to my bose wave iv

Hi ML,


It sounds like you have found the instructions for one of our old Wave Bluetooth adaptors rather than your Esinkin one, so you won't need to follow those steps! To use your Esinkin adapter, you'll want to connect it to either the Aux-In connection if it is going to receive a Bluetooth signal for the Wave, or the headphones output connection if it is going to send a Bluetooth signal to another device.


Once you've done this you'll want to follow the pairing instructions for your Esinkin adapter to pair it to the device you are after.


I hope this helps!

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