Battery Power unstable? is it 80% or 100%?

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Battery Power unstable? is it 80% or 100%?

I love my head set.... it was a gift and I fully intend to use it every day. 

Straight out of the box it was charged to 40%.  I used it at work yesterday... got most of the day on that 40%.... and brought it home to charge it.  

I plugged it in... let it sit for 2 hours.... came back to find 5 lights on (indicating fully charged)  So I unplugged it and turned it on to hear the voice say the charge percentage

She said "Battery charged 80%" so I plugged it back in and left it for another hour.  I came back... still 5 lights on (nothing flashing either) and I turned it on and heard again "Battery charged 80%"   I checked all the connections and I wasnt 100% sure that it was all connected correctly so I moved it to a different outlet... plugged it all in ... and left it for 30 more minutes....  and still the voice said "80%" .   I figured I had a bad battery and I would take it back after work on Thursday (today).    So I bring it into my office (so it doesnt get stolen) and figure... Ill just use it during the day and take it back tonight.   

I turn it on to connect it with my phone.... and the voice says  "Battery Charged 100%"


My question... is my battery faulty?  should i swap it out?

It looks like there is a firm ware update... but given all the issues everyone has had with it.... I dont know if I want to go that route. 




Re: Battery Power unstable? is it 80% or 100%?

Hi nettsiebaby,


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It sounds like the charge was just between the 80% and 100% report.  Can you try charging it overnight?  Depending on the headset you just received, it may take more than two hours for a full charge.


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Re: Battery Power unstable? is it 80% or 100%?

OK... so I charged it over night... and when i turned it back on this morning it said "Battery 100%"  sounds good right?

Well ... that was 5:30am.  I have been listening to music all day.  I just tested the battery? it still says 100% and shows 5 lights

My headset has been either playing music, movies or phone calls non stop from 8am until 1:30pm.... and it still says 100%

after almost 6 hours of continuos play i would expect it to provide a report of less than 100%

which makes me wonder if I have a damaged battery in some way.  






Re: Battery Power unstable? is it 80% or 100%?

Hey nettsiebaby,


Thank you for the update. The most recent update made improvements to battery power management, and we recommend that you please try updating by visiting Should you still feel concerned that your speaker may not be functioning properly, we suggest that you contact your local Bose Support for further assistance.

Contact information can be found here.  


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