Sound extends beyond the SoundWear Companion Speaker "zone"

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Sound extends beyond the SoundWear Companion Speaker "zone"

I purchased the SoundWear Companion Speaker (SWCS) because I wanted to be able to hear my music without it disturbing anyone else while still allowing me to hear if someone needed to talk to me.


I tried to test it in the store but it was just too noisy.


Sadly, when I got it home I found that it didn't work anything like the demo videos showed. There was one video in particular that I was really struck by. It showed a couple in their kitchen; the man was tidying the kitchen while listening to his music via his SWCS and the music sounded great. The woman was seated at a table about 20 feet away and she could only hear a bit of a buzz. Their kitchen was setup much like mine.


Once I got home from the store, I charged the SWCS to 100%, installed Bose Connect on my iPad, connected it via bluetooth, downloaded the latest firmware and then loaded up my playlist.


I put the SWCS around my husband's neck and walked about 20 feet away from him. Unfortunately, I could hear everything. The sound was not muffled at all! I then put it around my neck and he walked about 30 feet away but he too could easily hear everything!


Is this normal? Do I just have a dud? What is everyone else experiencing?



Re: Sound extends beyond the SoundWear Companion Speaker "zone"

Hi Red1999, 


Thanks for posting and welcome to the community. 


This is normal, the SoundWear Companion Speaker isn't a headset, therefore the sound is being projected out into the air rather than directly into your ears, meaning that it will produce sound out like a speaker is supposed to. 


However depending on volumes and ranges the speaker can be loud enough for some people to hear and in other cases it can't be heard. This is due to everyone having a different perception of sound. 


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Re: Sound extends beyond the SoundWear Companion Speaker "zone"

That's that not normal, that's false advertising.


Sound is not subjective - it's not art. It's measurable and there are tools to do so.