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Jun 6, 2018

Won’t connect to phone calls

My soundwear companion is connected to my iPhone fine when it comes to everything other than phone calls and FaceTime. I can listen to music whether from my library or online services on my iPhone. When I make or receive a phone call, the bose does not connect to the device even after I tap it as the choice as to how to take the call. The choice bounces back to the phone.

I have restarted both the Bose sound where companion and my phone, nothing seems to resolve it.
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Dec 15, 2016

Re: Won’t connect to phone calls

Hey there, Bilsep2!


Thank you for reaching out to us here, and sorry to hear about the trouble you ran into. It sounds like the speaker is communicating well with the phone, but perhaps during the phone calls, it's not routing the call properly. 


Can you check your call audio routing settings? This is located under your Settings>General>Accessibility>Tap Call Audio routing. Is it set to "Bluetooth headset"? Also, try toggling back and forth.



Can you test your speaker with a different mobile device?


Check back with us with an update when you get the chance. 


Thank you again!



Mohsin - Community Support