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Jun 28, 2018

YouTube Ruins SoundTouch

I purchased a Lifesytle 650 system two weeks ago and the most convenient aspect thus far has been an ability to control the speakers and play music from my iphone using SoundTouch. On setup, SoundTouch synced well with the Lifestyle 650, and music was controlled by the app. However, each time I stop playing music, venture to YoutTube or the internet and play audio from a video on either then return to SoundTouch in order to again control my Lifestyle 650 speakers, SoundTouch is then unable to find the speakers. In each case, I use the Lifestyle 650 remote to disconnect and reconnect to my wifi and I disconnect and reconnect to my wifi on the iphone, then SoundTouch is able to again find the Lifestyle 650 speakers. 


It is great that I know how to fix the problem however it is inconvenient to have to repetitively connect and reconnenct both the Lifestyle 650 and my iphone to my wireless router in order to halt listening to music temporarily in order to watch a youtube video with the intention of using SoundTouch to control the Lifestyle 650 speakers afterwards. 


Any solutions?