why not Bone Conduction Sunglasses?

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why not Bone Conduction Sunglasses?

i have a set of cheap Bone Conduction Sunglasses, that work better in a high noise environment. don't get me wrong, as long as it's not to noisy the Bose glasses work fine.

but why not go with at set Bone Conduction Sunglasses?  open ear is old school.


Re: why not Bone Conduction Sunglasses?

Hi arnimal,


Thank you for posting.


The Bose Frames were designed in an open-ear factor to provide you with high-quality, low leakage sound and robust audio.


We do appreciate you letting us know what you would like to see and I'll pass this feedback along to development for you. 


Can you let us know what type of noisy environment you're using them in?


Warm Regards,

Joel - Community Support