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Jun 13, 2019

Another Thread About Chirping

Since the other ones seem to get closed with a solution of 'contact support', I just wanted to make a new thread about this.  One of them is 11 pages of discussion about this problem.  I'm a little surprised that it was an issue back in 2018, and sleep buds that I've had for 10 days over the 30 day return period are now doing the same thing.


There is either a very serious quality control issue, or there is a software issue.  It sounds like my only recourse will be to go through the RMA process, where I will most likely receive a replacement product after some period of time that does the exact same thing.


I've tried phone free mode, I've tried resetting the base, I've made sure the base is up to date, I've tried pulling the right ear bud out of the case first, nothing works. 


I also discovered that you can hear the chirping, even if you turn the volume of whatever sound you've selected all the way down.  Whatever is causing this is independent of the volume setting.  This problem either needs to be fixed, or there needs to be a sticky thread about it.  It shouldn't be a surprise feature that people find out about after they've gone past the 30 day return window. 

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Mar 21, 2019

Re: Another Thread About Chirping

I have three sets of sleep buds.  Two have chirping on the right side, one has a whinning on the right side.  It goes away at about 80% battery.  My oldest set is the whinning one, it had chirping but it is the one I used most and now just whines.  So I assume that the issue is the battery type they use.  Something about the right side circuitry and the battery performing one way when it is new, then perhaps gets a power spike after some use, then overtime goes back to performing as it was new.  However like I said about my oldest most used set I still have the whinning, but not the chirping after all this use, and this is after 8 months use.


It is safe to say all sleepbuds have this.  The reason not everyone complains is because this sound is too high pitch for most.  You must have excellent hearing.  Remember taking hearing tests in elementary school?  There are youtube video's for hearing tests you can do with headphones, try it and post here what your results are.


I have better hearing in my right then left, so immune to this noise in my left ear.  If I put the right headphone in my left I have to concentrate to hear it and it is not at all bothersome.  In my right ear it is like nails on a chalkboard.  So what I do is swap the right headphone with left headphone and charge them by having them flipped around, so left silicone ear tip is in the right speaker and right silicone ear tip is in the left speaker.  And that works for me.


People have been saying a new version is now available, people who have returned them and also had the pillow noise issue.  I am wondering if this chirping problem has been fixed in the new version.


Here is a hearing test.  I start hearing at two bars above better then average.





An average human is capable of hearing frequencies from 20hz to 20000hz. Are you a superhuman or worse than average? Check it out!The older we get, the harde...