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Oct 8, 2017

Are hearphones waterproof?

Can they be worn in the rain
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Dec 23, 2016

Re: Are hearphones waterproof?

Hi Foriron,


Thanks for joining us in the Hearphones Community.


Bose Hearphones are made from materials specifically engineered to be comfortable and light, and are sweat- and water-resistant. They are subjected to rigorous product testing to ensure durability.


From the Bose Hearphones Owners Guide: "Do NOT submerge or expose the headphones for extended period to water, or wear while participating in water sports, e.g., swimming, water skiing, surfing, etc."


 You asked: "Can they be worn in the rain?"


I wear my Hearphones in light rain. I wouldn't wear them in a downpour without covering my head.


Does that help?