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Jul 21, 2018

Bose Earphones are Awesome

I have resisted getting HAs for about 5 years.   I broke down and bought Costco's top HAs about 2 years ago.  After numerous trips to their audiologists I returned them because I did not use them that much and they did not work well for movies and TV.  I really wanted HAs for TV and movies.  Generally I can hear normal conversations but low talkers and people with high pitched voices  are problematic.  I bought the Bose Hearphones 3 months ago and they work great for movies and TV.  What is most surprising is I have an LG OLED TV with no audio system other than its built in speakers.  With only front facing speakers on the TV I am getting  surround sound effects with the Bose.  Bose must have some pretty great processing built in to this product.  With movie theaters I also get great surround sound.  Can understand dialog with both TV and movies. 

The major downside to Bose is the Hearphones are really big and obvious to wear.  Even though the sound with them is great in conversations, I hesitate to wear them other than for TV and movies due to the fact that I think I look ridiculous wearing them for ordinary conversation like the ear horns of the 19th century.  Come on Bose can't you minaturize the Earphones. 

Anyway my way wife convinced me to see an audioloigist 2 months ago.  So am I now trying out a pair of $6,000 Signia NX HAs which I will probably return.    They do not work as well as Bose for TV and movies. They work as well as Bose for ordinary conversations with the main advantage being that the HAs are concealed from view.

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