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May 22, 2017

Cannot order Hearphones

I am trying to buy a second pair of Headphones, as a birthday present.  But the Bose website refuses to allow me to do that.  It tells me my address doesn't exist. Commercial websites often respond this way, because I live in a rural area where the USPS doesn't deliver.  So we're not in their official list of addresses. All other web sites recognize this possibility, and give a "Use this address anyway" possibility.  But the Bose website won't let me order until I give them an address that's on their list.  Which I can't do.


I know I can just call on Monday and deal with this on the phone.  But I'd like to call attention to the problem.  You have a lot of potential Hearphone customers with addresses not on the USPS list.


I continue to love my Headphones, 

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Re: Cannot order Hearphones

Hi Murphycreek,


Thanks for taking time to write. I'm sorry about the difficulty you're having as you try to order Hearphones online. I will forward this to our web team.


Enjoy your weekend.



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Re: Cannot order Hearphones

Hi @Murphycreek


Were you able to place your order by phone okay? If you'd like, I can have someone here call you.


Please let me know if you'd like that and I'll send you a private message so we can get your phone number.