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Oct 3, 2018

Feedback: Please try to provide a better replacement system for faulty Sleepbuds.

Goy my Sleepbuds 7 days ago and they started to fail 2 nights ago, after following all of the trouble shooting steps, they still failed to work correctly. I contacted support this morning and found out it would take 2 weeks to recieve replacemnts, I feel this is too long for a product that improves peoples sleep.

I loved my Sleepbuds and they genually did help me get a much better nights sleep and I know they are a very new product so them developing a fault didnt bother me too much until I found out there would be a 2 week wait to get some replacements. I have decided to return mine for a refund now as they are still within the 30 day policy, I really hope Bose can work to provide a much quicker replacemnt system as I really believe these could be a game changer in better sleep.