Feedback for Bose on Sleepbuds

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Feedback for Bose on Sleepbuds

Great work so far.  My new Sleepbuds have allowed me to move back into the master bedroom with my beautiful but loud wife.  Here are a few suggestions to make the even better.

1) Dark version of the app

This one's a no brainer and it's sad that it wasn't designed this way to start with considering the target audience.  The app is to be used at night in a dark room where someone else is sleeping 99% of the time.  To have the app open to an all-white screen that lights up the whole room that you then have to stare at to make sure the Sleepbuds connect right before trying to go to sleep...  That's just silly.  It should be an all-black screen with only "BOSE" and the Sleepbuds being white.  

The pictures used for each sound aren't as bad, but you could offer a brightness (or "dark") setting for these.

2) Longer versions of sounds

Some of the sounds you currently have are nice, but there is an obvious loop every few seconds.  It would be nice if we could choose 2 or 3 sounds that we like from the available sounds and load longer versions of just those instead of having all the space on the Sleepbuds taken up by 7 or 8 sounds we never use.  

3) Custom sound importer

This one's a stretch, but you could have a custom sound importer either in the current app or as a separate app for power users that allows us to import a sound we like.  It could tell us how many seconds of sound we have left in our Sleepbuds and help with the loop and then convert the result to the correct format for importing once we're happy with the result.

4) Connecting

Please continue to try to get this to work better.  The way I currently do it is to open the app before taking the Sleepbuds out and let app go to the screen saying it didn't find them.  Then I quickly take the Sleepbuds out of the case and it finds them (most of the time, that is).  This one problematic thing could cause a LOT of people to return the product without ever giving it a real chance.


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Re: Feedback for Bose on Sleepbuds

Good suggestion regarding dark app screens. And I also have difficulty connecting to the app, usually it takes multiple attempts.

The big issue is the limitations of the sound files, as others have also pointed out. Hopefully improvements are coming.

Re: Feedback for Bose on Sleepbuds



Thanks for the great suggestions! We have passed them along to our engineering dept for future updates.




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