S. Burke Berenson
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Aug 11, 2017

Fidelity and ambient Sound Five *****

My Hearphone is an indepensible accessory at movies, TV, noisy restaurants, weddings or large social event. They beat out my $6500 hearing aids by a mile. I can finally understand British and Scottish accents on TV and when actors whisper. Unvelieveable technology. Please bring a store to Raleigh North Carolina  as I'm doing my best to beat your drum and we are very tech savy with three R-1 universities.

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Dec 23, 2016

Re: Fidelity and ambient Sound Five *****

Hi S. Burke Berenson,


Thank you for joining us. We are delighted to hear you are enjoying your Hearphones.


I can't promise when we'll have Hearphones in a Bose store near you, but you can still refer people to our website at Bose.com.  People can buy Hearphones online there.


And you can invite people here to our community too.


Thanks for taking the time to write.