Gasket coming loose

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Gasket coming loose

I tried to mail you directly about this but couldnt find a mail address so I used the community.

I love the hearphones they are better than my expensive hering aid. But the gasket is  coming totally apart. Some time ago it was almost impossible to turn them on or off. My son fixed that with suguru a rubber mending glue. The little dot is the on off button in the picture. Now the other side is completely off. It doesnt look nice. Like two slobby swinging black ties. Do I have to suguru the whole thing?

As we cannot change batteries can you not fix a better stay on gasket?

(I cannot get the pictures in the post) please call me on +34 664 026 324 or later on on +46 712 37 28


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Re: Gasket coming loose



Thank you for contacting use through the Hearphones community. Welcome.


I'm sorry you're having a problem with the gasket coming off.  I'd like to help, but it looks like you are not in the US.

Hearphones are sold and supported in the US. 


Please call us and let's see how we can help. Bose Hearphones Support - 1 800-761-2673. 

If that number does not work from where you are, please let me know and we'll have to find another way to communicate.


Thank you,