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Dec 23, 2016

Hearphones and Television: Private and Social Listening

Hi Everyone,


Here are some notes and observations about my experience with Hearphones and watching movies on TV.


I watch movies on my TV (with my Hearphones most of the time). If you're interested, the signal path is Netflix on an Xbox One. The video and audio go to a Samsung SmartTV via HDMI. The TV has a built-in Bluetooth transmitter. I also run a digital connection from the Xbox to an older Sony system with Dolby 5.1 processing out to some Bose powered loudspeakers. This allows me to direct audio out via Bluetooth, and through the loudspeakers at the same time (not recommmended).  My TV alone cannot do this. The TV can direct sound via Bluetooth or through the speakers, but not both simultaneously. Your Bluetooth enabled TV may be different. 

Hearphones support the AAC and SBC codecs. Hearphones do not support aptX or aptX-LL.


Watching alone:

  • Using Bluetooth (TV to Hearphones): I can see some latency (delay) if I really look for it, but it is not distracting. This works fine when I'm alone or I want to watch without disturbing others.
  • Using Hearphones: Listening through the air there's no noticeable latency.


Watching with others (Social listening)

  • Using Bluetooth: If I have the sound turned up from the TV, I hear the sound in the air first and then the sound through the Hearphones via Bluetooth. That's not a great experience. 
  • Using Hearphones: Listening through the air (without Bluetooth). This gives the best social experience. Everyone in the room is listening to the sound from the TV and I have control over Directivity, Volume, and Bass/Treble within my Hearphones.


I hope this summary is helpful. I'm interested in your experiences too.