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Jan 26, 2017

Hearphones as auditive protection



The hearphones can serve as auditive protection? With noises like gun shoots, thunders, fireworks or other repentine and loud noises. If so, it would be amazing! I think that even putting music on or other background noises (white noise) can help a lot to remove that noises better than auditive protection headphones/plugs


I'm a person with panic to very loud and repentine noises, and maybe that headphones can be my solution (if they are better than my QC35 of course).

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Mar 1, 2017

Re: Hearphones as auditive protection

Hi bonjovi079519


To quote ST's answer to a similar question, "Hearphones will provide no protective value for the shooting range, so we're glad you are using earmuffs properly.  Hearphones will provide no benefit with the microphones under the earmuffs for conversation, so please not to use them in this situation." 


The Hearphones are great for noise cancellation but not a product we recommend for hearing protection.  With music playing and the the noise cancellation active the noise of the outside world will be reduced.


Colin M.